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Performance and cocooning in our spa : Let yourself go by the hot steam of our hammam so you will release the accumulated toxins and impurities. The action of the steam helps to purify and cleanse your skin and ensures a unique moment of well-being.
To complete your treatment, don’t hesitate to ask for our special hammam kit which includes a kessa glove and a black soap scrub from the Charme d’Orient brand. You can consult our offers and take advantage of our “Hammam ritual“.

Massages and treatments

Innovative care adapted to your needs

The best of the spa has been inspired by ancestral know-how, where each country has a history of techniques, scents and movements that provide well-being and relaxation.

Skin care : Discover our body wraps, energy point rebalancing, body peeling, massages, beauty care or black soap scrub in the pure tradition … Our body massages* are adapted to your desires: relaxing, dynamic or energizing, the choices are various at Spa Montaigne.

Face care : Our facial care that we practice are from the Soskin brand, declined** for each skin preoccupation. Soskin is an expert in glycolic peelings and offers an exclusive method: SOSKIN PEEL METHOD. Soskin skin care is based on 3 basic elements: correct skin imbalances; keep healthy skin in balance or give the skin what it needs and stimulate its vital resources.

Aesthetic care : for more informations please consult our brochure

*Our massages are for your well-being. They are not a substitute for medical treatment.
**All treatments are declined according to skin types.

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Spa Jet

Multi-sensorial cocoon for an intense moment of relaxation…

Our spa jet is an appreciated technological system for weight loss and optimal relaxation.
Equipped with hydrojets, an essential oil steam diffuser, a vibrating bed and many other elements to help you let go. The spa jet, is an element that transports you into a bubble of well-being where everything is favorable to relaxation and the sensorial experience. The steam helps to eliminate toxins. The hydromassage jets activate blood circulation and reduce tension. The combination of hydromassage and steam, the Spa Jet reduces the appearance of cellulite and refines the silhouette.
A real cocoon of well-being that invites you into a relaxing universe…